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Hie 6 years ago
Fake she was awake the whole time
OMG 6 years ago
this guy's tits were bigger than hers lol
Rodeo 3 years ago
Man my little sis once sucked on me while I was sleeping and I just came as soon as I woke up and then later on that evening I fucked her so then she woke up and then we just fucked and it was the BEST night of my life and yes it was a one time deal but we still loved it
Seargent boob 5 years ago
I touch my stepsister's boob all the time but she didn't evem care but when I accidentally open the bathroom door and saw her fully naked she was really angry at me
#%^*^#%^#* 5 years ago
Her name is Shane Blair
Callin bullshit 6 years ago
How the hell does she not wake up
Ugh 6 years ago
Y his dick so many colors
Alexis :) 3 years ago
My dad fucked my BFF when I was awake on da bunk bed so then he found out and started to fuck me and put whip cream on my titts and private and licked all up in there!
kys 5 years ago
I would bang her everyday. When she say "no more, stop" just keep going until dust cum out. then take a break repeat it all over again.
Psh... 6 years ago
What a lame fuck